How to Get Sponsored to Your Next Blog Conference

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how to get sponsored

If you are thinking of attending one of our conferences, then you may definitely want to start reaching out to potential sponsors. How to get sponsored to a blog conference is certainly a topic that tons of people have an interest in!

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How to Get Sponsored to a Blog Conference

You can attend as many blog conferences as you would like in a year, but we all know how pricey it can get! It all adds up after you book your flight, book your hotel and purchase your conference pass, so why not let someone else help you with that expense in return for your blogging power?

how to get sponsored

5 Tips On How To Get Sponsored

A lot of times, bloggers will attend conferences with the help of a brand. These brands realize that you will serve as a brand advocate and you will expose that brand to many, many bloggers. This, in their eyes, completely makes sense from an advertising point of view.

You have the power to make marketing and advertising easier for brands by presenting them creative ideas to spend their PR Budget. If you can pitch to a brand the right way, then you can both help them to market their brand, as well as get you to attend those blog conferences to learn all that you can.

Here we share some tips on how to get sponsored:

1) Find the Right Audience

Find a conference whose audience fits the target market of the brand you want to pitch. For example, if you are attending a mom blogger conference, pitch a brand that sells to moms and make the connection in your pitch.

2) Pitch the Right Person

Pitch the right person and do it in the correct manner. You want to talk to the account executive or supervisor, the person in an agency that knows the ins and outs of the brand; so don’t try and tweet your pitch to the brand!

3) Get Your Media Kit Right

Send a professionally designed media kit. Identify all the important info in bullet format, include your most recent blog stats (pageviews/unique visitors, Klout score, followers on all platforms, etc.), and highlight some other brands  you have worked for with links to sponsored posts all in 2-3 pages.  Remember to avoid posts about a competitor brand and make sure to have comments on the post.  If you’ve never worked for a brand, write a post about a brand or product you love and get comments on it.

4) Set Expectations

Include examples of what sort of exposure you’ll accomplish for the brand. How will you get people or impressions? A good idea is to write a post before and after the conference and tweet during the conference with the brand’s hashtag.

5) Name Your Price Clearly

We don’t recommend offering tiers in your kit for bigger brands.  The idea of sharing your exposure with a competitor brand is not attractive.  With that said, you will want to pitch your sponsorship as being an exclusive opportunity to that brand.

How to get sponsored can be tricky, so we wish you the best of luck! Stick to these tips and you should have everything in the bag.

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