Things to Do in Saint Louis Missouri

Looking for things to do in Saint Louis, Missouri? You’re in luck because we have a great list of suggestions! Our conference for women is headed to Saint Louis, Missouri April 5, 2014 and we’re over the moon excited.

In preparation for our weekend together, we pooled our network of 55,000 influencers and asked, what are things to do and places to eat in Saint Louis? Where do you recommend we go?

things to do in saint louis

Things To Do in Saint Louis

Saint Louis is one of our favorite destinations and with great reason, the people are wonderful and there is so much to see and do!

If you’ve never been to Saint Louis before you are in for a special treat in this one of a kind city.

Here are a few tips to help get your trip to Saint Louis started:

  • The must popular suggestion from our community was, the outdoor cafes on Main Street. The outdoor cafes are about a five minute drive from the hotel and will provide you with several dining options.
  • Another great suggestion was visiting the famous Arch. You can go to St. Louis without seeing this iconic landmark! You’ll take a 630-foot ride to the very top of this monument and experience beautiful views.
  • Looking to unwind a little after a day full of information? Head on over to Washington Avenue in downtown where you will find hottest bars and nightlife. You can also enjoy a show at Westport Plaza’s 42-acre entertainment district.
  • If you want to immerse yourself into the local culture, then make sure to check out Forest Park. Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the entire United States and offers walking trails, bike trails and a variety of other attractions.
  • Is retail therapy on your agenda? If so then head on over to Delmar Loop. Delmar Loop is an entertainment district that offers dining, shopping and a Hollywood inspired walk of fame that features from St. Louis.

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Things to Do in San Diego California

Looking for things to do in San Diego, California? You’re in luck because we have a great list of suggestions! Our conference for women is headed to San Diego California February 28 – March 1 and we’re over the moon excited.

In preparation for our weekend together, we pooled our network of 55,000 influencers and asked, what are things to do and places to eat in San Diego? Where do you recommend we go?

things to do in San Diego

Things To Do in San Diego

The response we posed to our community was incredible. Ya’ll had some great suggestions!

Here are a few of those wonderful tips to help get your trip to San Diego started:

  • The must popular suggestion from our community was, Guadalajara Restaurant in Old Town San Diego. Several ladies in our community say it’s the best Mexican food in all of California! If you are craving some tasty Mexican food while in San Diego, you might want to put this on your “places to eat” list.
  • Another great suggestion if you are looking for something to do is the San Diego Zoo. Keep in mind that the San Diego Zoo is very big and requires more than just a couple hours to see all of it. If you are flying into San Diego on Thursday or have a late flight home on Sunday, this could be a great way to fill up your day.
  • Ready to get in a little exercise while in beautiful San Diego? Taking a bike ride at sunset on Coronado might be the perfect option! You can find out more about bike rentals here.
  • If you are in the mood for a little retail therapy then Cedros on Solana Beach is the place to be! You will find lots of great shopping, restaurants and of course the beautiful beach. Read more about Cedros here.
  • San Diego is the perfect place to get in a taste of the Southern California culture. Balboa Park offers over 1,200 acres of lush gardens, museums, theaters, walking paths and much more. You can find out more about Balboa Park here.
  • When you think about San Diego, beaches probably come to mind. San Diego is known for having some of the best beaches in all of California. You simply can’t visit San Diego without checking out the amazing ocean views. The list of beaches in San Diego is endless but there are a couple you should definitely try to see. Mission Beach is one of the best beaches in all of San Diego. Not only will you find gorgeous views at Mission Beach but busy boardwalk and the iconic Mission Beach Big Dipper! If you are looking for a quieter spot to relax then Imperial Beach is the place for you. This is a great beach to lay on a beach towel and soak up some rays.

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Truth Revealed! 5 Most Common MISconceptions About Blog Conferences

If you’ve spent anytime in the blogging space you have probably heard a lot of stories about blogging conferences. You will hear how wonderful they are and you will also hear that they are a waste of time.

We definitely believe that attending a blogging conference is one of the best things you can do to take your blog to the next level.

But what about the non-truths?

5 Blog Conferences Misconceptions

The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Blog Conferences

There are some misconceptions about conferences floating around in the blogosphere and we want to clear things up!

1. Conferences are Only for New Bloggers

This statement could not be further from the truth! Bloggy Boot Camp and Women Get Social are for newbies, intermediate and advanced bloggers. It doesn’t matter what level you are at you can and will learn invaluable information at one of our conferences. Not only do our attendees learn new information, but we also walk away learning something new each and every time!

2. Conferences are a Waste of Money

The statement that conferences are a waste of money does has some truth behind it. Conferences are a waste of time and money if you are not going to the conference with an open mind to learn, make new connections and advance your blog to the next level. If learning, networking and advancing your skill set is on your agenda then a blog conference might be the best investment you’ve ever made.

3. It’s One Big Mom Party

Like anyone else we want to have a good time at the conferences we host. Mirassou sponsors our cocktail party that is always a lot of fun! With that said our main focus is education. We schedule in as much education as we possibly can into our conferences. In the evenings you can normally find attendees gathered in the lobby of the hotel networking, in their rooms reviewing the days education or sleeping due to information overload!

4. The Material is Boring

Ask anyone that has attended a Bloggy Boot Camp or Women Get Social event and they will tell you that the material is far from boring. We pride ourself on having engaging speakers that truly want to help you succeed! They want to share their tips, tricks and success with you. Our speakers make our conferences come to life. And if you’ve ever heard Tiffany speak then you know there is no way our conferences could be boring!

5. Blog Conferences are Full of Clique’s

While we know first hand that this is the case at some conferences we make it a priority to ensure this isn’t the case at our conferences. First and foremost we understand how hard it is to walk into a room full of strangers! We came up with a strategy early on that gives every attendee to network with just about everyone attending the conference. When you show up to the conference you will be assigned seating for the day. Throughout the day you will move around to different tables which gives you an opportunity to meet people you might not have otherwise came into contact with. We have found that using this system helps even the shiest of people come out of their shell!

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Top 5 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gifts

We are now in the final countdown to Christmas Day! The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, but did you forget about stocking stuffers?

If so, not to worry! We have 5 last-minute stocking stuffer gifts that will please anyone on your list!

stocking stuffer ideas

Top 5 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Whether you have a book worm, a tech person, or someone with a sweet tooth, we have you covered with our below list.

1. Books

You might not think about books being a traditional stocking stuffer, but they truly are one of the best gifts you can give! Just about everyone loves to read a good book and Christmas evening is the perfect time to curl up in front of the fire with a book. Hachette Book Group has a great selection of books with some of their most popular titles being “This Man” By Jodi Ellen Malpas, “Beneath This Man” By Jodi Ellen Malpas, and “Duke of Midnight” By Elizabeth Hoyt.

2. Candy

The one item that deserves a place in every stocking is candy! When it comes to candy you have a few choices, you can go the traditional route or you can make the stocking extra special with Sugarwish candy. Not only does Sugarwish candy taste amazing, but they also offer a large variety to suit everyone’s sweet tooth. You can place a Sugarwish order here:

3. Ornaments

Ever wonder what you should put in the toe of a stocking? Traditionally, an apple or an orange was placed in the stocking toe but an new ornament is a great option to fill up this space. Giving that special someone a new ornament is a perfect stocking stuffer sine it will be used year after year!

4. Phone Charger

We all know how frustrating it can be to end up with a dead cell phone. The Jackery charger is a excellent stocking stuffer for anyone in your life who loves the latest tech gadgets. This charger is lightweight and helps to keep your phone charged while on the go! Hint, Hint this is perfect for anyone attending a Bloggy Boot Camp conference!

5. Minecraft

If you have any young boys in the home, then you can not go wrong with Minecraft. Minecraft is a popular video game all about breaking and placing blocks. The brand has also expanded to include toys, books, clothing and much more. Take a quick look at your local Target or WalMart to find a wide variety of Minecraft toys to fill your stocking with.

Your Turn

What is a must have item in your stocking?

Things to Do in Dallas Texas

Looking for things to do in Dallas Texas? You’re in luck because we have a great list of suggestions! Our conference for women is headed to Dallas Texas on November 8 -9 and we’re over the moon excited.

In preparation for our weekend together, we pooled our network of 55,000 influencers and asked, what are things to do and places to eat in Dallas Texas? Where do you recommend we go?

dallas texas

What to Do in Dallas Texas

The response we posed to our community was incredible. Ya’ll had some great suggestions!

Here are a few of those wonderful tips to help get your trip to Dallas Texas started:

  • The most popular suggestion was Chuy’s! Our Facebook community was raving about the Tex-Mex served at this restuarant. There are several locations in the Dallas/Arlington area. You can see the full list of locations here.
  • Becca from tells us that Twisted Root Burger is located very close to the hotel and has a pretty yummy menu! We took a quick look at their menu and were very impressed at the huge selection. Twisted Root Burger is located at 2615 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226. There is also a location at the DFW airport in terminal A.
  • Sandra from says if you get a chance make sure to get lunch or a snack from one of the many Dallas food trucks. There are taco food trucks, cupcake food trucks and much more! Make sure to be on the lookout for one of these food trucks while in Dallas.
  • One very popular suggestion if you’re in the mood for some shopping was to visit the Allen Outlets, Southlake Town Square and The Galleria Mall.
  • If you are in the mood for something sweet make sure to check out Sprinkles Cupcakes, located very close to the conference. You can find Sprinkles Cupcakes at 4020 Villanova St  Dallas, TX 75225.
  • If you are traveling to Dallas with the whole family make sure to take a look at Visit Dallas for an entire list of family friendly attractions. We even saw some discount codes on Visit Dallas for popular local attractions.

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BBC Minneapolis Highlights

BBC Minneapolis was a huge success! We would like to thank everyone that made it out to the conference. We had an amazing time meeting new faces and connecting with old friends.

If you weren’t able to make it out to BBC Minneapolis, not to worry we will be in Dallas on November 8 – 9, 2013. We are also getting ready to announce the dates for our 2014 tour!

Highlights from the BBC Minneapolis Stop

Several of the BBCMPLS attendees wrote blogs posts to recap their experience at the conference.

Be sure to click the below URLs and check out their full posts.

From Living Smart Girl:

This was my very first blogging convention and I am so glad that The Sits Girls held their Bloggy Boot Camp close to me so I could go.  I tried to get to other conventions this whole past year but every one fell on a weekend I already had other plans.  So, I was thrilled when I could make this one.  And, for my first one, I am glad it was this one as I think it rocked!!  I plan to attend other conventions put on by The SITS Girls.

Lisa from The Golden Spoons is sharing some her favorite quotes from the speakers at BBC.

  • What is your ending?
  • Live your life as the woman you want your daughter to become.
  • Surround yourself with people who are as excited for your success as you are.
  • Stop comparing your outsides to other people’s insides.


Todays Work at Home Mom said:

Bloggy Boot Camp gave me the motivation I needed to keep my goals and my work on track.

From My Breezy Room:

If you are a blogger, you NEED to attend a conference. For me, this was a great place to start.

Squishy Cheeks and Cupcakes:

This is not like any other business.  The more you collaborate, the better.” – Danielle Herzog, Martinis and Minivans


Everyday Trish:

I honestly thought I was just going to hang out with some other bloggers and walk away a little more educated about blogging and how to make money at it. I did not realize I was going to walk away so touched and inspired by the experience, the speakers, and the other attendees.

The Noise of Boys:

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp, I highly recommend it!

The Live In Kitchen

I left feeling inspired and empowered, ready to implement a hundred new ideas that I probably won’t ever have time for.

Stop on by our Facebook page and check out the full BBC Minneapolis photo album.

How to Get Sponsored to Your Next Blog Conference

If you are thinking of attending one of our conferences, then you may definitely want to start reaching out to potential sponsors. How to get sponsored to a blog conference is certainly a topic that tons of people have an interest in!

We have just announced our dates for

Bloggy Boot Camp 2014

and we want you to have the leg up; now, just figure out what conference YOU will attend!

How to Get Sponsored to a Blog Conference

You can attend as many blog conferences as you would like in a year, but we all know how pricey it can get! It all adds up after you book your flight, book your hotel and purchase your conference pass, so why not let someone else help you with that expense in return for your blogging power?

how to get sponsored

5 Tips On How To Get Sponsored

A lot of times, bloggers will attend conferences with the help of a brand. These brands realize that you will serve as a brand advocate and you will expose that brand to many, many bloggers. This, in their eyes, completely makes sense from an advertising point of view.

You have the power to make marketing and advertising easier for brands by presenting them creative ideas to spend their PR Budget. If you can pitch to a brand the right way, then you can both help them to market their brand, as well as get you to attend those blog conferences to learn all that you can.

Here we share some tips on how to get sponsored:

1) Find the Right Audience

Find a conference whose audience fits the target market of the brand you want to pitch. For example, if you are attending a mom blogger conference, pitch a brand that sells to moms and make the connection in your pitch.

2) Pitch the Right Person

Pitch the right person and do it in the correct manner. You want to talk to the account executive or supervisor, the person in an agency that knows the ins and outs of the brand; so don’t try and tweet your pitch to the brand!

3) Get Your Media Kit Right

Send a professionally designed media kit. Identify all the important info in bullet format, include your most recent blog stats (pageviews/unique visitors, Klout score, followers on all platforms, etc.), and highlight some other brands  you have worked for with links to sponsored posts all in 2-3 pages.  Remember to avoid posts about a competitor brand and make sure to have comments on the post.  If you’ve never worked for a brand, write a post about a brand or product you love and get comments on it.

4) Set Expectations

Include examples of what sort of exposure you’ll accomplish for the brand. How will you get people or impressions? A good idea is to write a post before and after the conference and tweet during the conference with the brand’s hashtag.

5) Name Your Price Clearly

We don’t recommend offering tiers in your kit for bigger brands.  The idea of sharing your exposure with a competitor brand is not attractive.  With that said, you will want to pitch your sponsorship as being an exclusive opportunity to that brand.

How to get sponsored can be tricky, so we wish you the best of luck! Stick to these tips and you should have everything in the bag.

See you at BBC 2014!!

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Save the Date for Women Get Social 2014

Bloggy Boot Camp gave you the skills to be a better blogger, the platform to connect with other women, and the courage to find your voice and follow your path.

Now it’s time to take this foundation and grow your business even more.

And we have created the conference to help you do just that.

Say hello to…

Think of her as Bloggy Boot Camp’s totally cool {and super sweet!} older sister.

An extension of something good.

conference for women

Women Get Social 2014

As we continue to evolve, we’re making one big change this coming year: We’re adding events will be TWO days. Starting in 2014, our Women Get Social conferences will span over both Friday and Saturday, allowing us to offer even more of the educational and networking opportunities Bloggy Boot Camp is famous for.

And where are we going you might ask?

Drum roll please!

In 2014, Women Get Social will be in the following locations:

  • San Diego, California: End of February/Beginning of March
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Beginning of September

Consider this your official save the date invitation.

We want you to join us this coming year so you can meet new people, build your online community, learn the latest in blogging and social media, and above all, have a great, all around experience.

Tickets will go on sale in the coming weeks so be on the look out for more announcements!

Things to Do in Minneapolis Minnesota

Looking for things to do in Minneapolis Minnesota? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our conference for women is headed to Minneapolis Minnesota on October 12 and we’re over the moon excited.

In preparation for our weekend together, we pooled our network of 55,000 bloggers and asked, what are things to do and places to eat in Minneapolis Minnesota? Where do you recommend we go?

We’re excited to reveal what everyone had to say!

minneapolis minnesota

What To Do In Minneapolis Minnesota

We love going to see new places and get our grub on in new cities. We want you to do the same! So we asked our followers that know the area to help us out by giving some suggestions!

Our most popular suggestion was going to visit Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota where you can walk around and see different attractions and visit restaurants.  

There were many other fab recommendations given to us. Take a look at our top suggestions and see what you can stick your fork into!

  • One restaurant suggested in Downtown was Hell’s Kitchen, a delicious place to make a food stop.

minneapolis minnesota

  • Jamie Gall from has a few suggestions to check out Downtown at night! She recommends to take the Bike Trolley with a driver. If you do not want to take the Trolley, then she recommends taking your own personal bike ride downtown. Lastly, she says to visit Lake Calhoun or any of the Isle of Lakes nearby. They are beautiful with great views and walk paths that are a must see!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Jamie Capps-Heil from highly recommends Home of the Original “Jucy Lucy,” Matt’s Bar & Grill.  She says it is a hole in the wall kind of place but has become a landmark in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is a complete must if you are in the area. Here is the info if you decide to go! 3500 Cedar Ave S. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
  • NJ Rongner from highly recommends a special place called Chino Latino. Many people second her suggestion as well.  She mentions that they specialize in food from the “hot zones” of the world and it is a great place to take a group of friends and order a bunch of little plates to try it all! Chino Latino is located at 2916 Hennepin Ave S  Minneapolis, MN 55408.
  • Amanda Oettel Stockham from suggested a bunch of ethnic restaurants to go try. If you like to eat different types of food, then you will want to keep reading! For a great steak or seafood, you will want to look into “Hazellewood Grill and Tap.”  For delicious Mediterranean, then “Sparks” it is! If you are in the mood for Thai, then “On’s Kitchen” is for you. German food might be what you have in mind so Amanda suggests “Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter.” Another suggestion for Eastern/Turkish food is “Black Sea”. Lastly, she says Indian cuisine is one of her favorites and she loves a place named “Chipati.” These are ALL great recommendations and they are definitely worth looking into!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Julie Thornton Tomaska says if you are one for Italian food then you must go to La Grolla in St. Paul because the desserts are out of this world!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Last but certainly not the least, Terry Cairnes Williams says that the Sculpture Gardens are beautiful. (Many also agree.) You should definitely make time to go see them. Also, she says the Mall of America is so much fun because there is a Roller Coaster and Aquarium. WOW!

We hope that you take the opportunity to go explore and eat at some of these great recommended restaurants.

See you at BBC Minneapolis!

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Top Essentials for Your Blog Conference Packing List

As Bloggy Boot Camp gets closer and closer, we want to make sure you make the best of your time at BBC with us and really enjoy all we have to offer. We’ve shared what you should expect and what you should wear to Bloggy Boot Camp, but now we want to give you the essentials for your packing list.

These are a few things you should have in mind, pack, and be sure to have on you when traveling to one of our conferences for women!

packing list

Travel Tips and Packing List

Travel tips and a reliable packing list for this type of event are always helpful.

Here are a few:

  • Plan Ahead: Remember you are probably not the only one traveling to a conference, so coordinate with a taxi buddy on Twitter ahead of time to cut the costs.
  • Buddy System: Not only can you ride in a taxi together, but you can also share a hotel room!
  • Book Early: Make sure to book your room in advance because hotels book up quickly. This goes in hand with purchasing your conference ticket early as well. There are discounted prices when you’re the early bird.
  • Travel Light: Conferences are short, so there is no need to bring your whole closet with you.
  • Be Prepared to Purchase Meals: We provide meals at Bloggy Boot Camp, but if you are traveling the day before, then you might want to visit the hotel restaurant or hit the local deli.
  • Limit Your Conference Wear Shopping: Save some money and bring something you already own. We don’t know what’s in your closet, so there is no need to go out and spend.

A conference is a fabulous experience and you should be preparing for it with all the excitement possible. Remember that it is about having fun!

What’s On Your Packing List?

Check out this wonderful post: Blog Conference Prep: 7 Must-Pack Items

packing list

It is a great read and gives you the bare essentials you need when going to a conference such as make-up remover and a water bottle!

Lastly, be sure to take these important items with you!

  • Phone charger
  • Business Cards
  • Pen & Paper

You can’t go wrong if you prepare the right way. Hope to see you all at our next Bloggy Boot Camp!

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Get conference ready with this posts: