Bloggy Boot Camp 2012 Announcement!

By July 15, 2011 conference 86 Comments

We’ve been speculating for months about Bloggy Boot Camp 2012. Where will we go? And when? Do we want to keep things exactly the same?

Well, the wait is officially over today! Here is the schedule for next year…

April: St. Louis

May: Philadelphia

September: Dallas

October: Las Vegas

We’re thrilled to be continuing with our hugely successful tour and hope that we’ll get to meet many of you in person during the coming year.

What Remains the Same

In 2012, the program that many of you have come to know and love will be the same. Bloggy Boot Camp will remain a one-day, nuts-and-bolts conference that brings you fantastic education and networking opportunities in an intimate and inclusive environment.

What’s Different

Starting next year, a few things will be changing with Bloggy Boot Camp. For starters, we are decreasing our number of stops from six to four. {Six stops in one year is pretty hectic!}

Most importantly, we are decreasing our ticket price. That’s right. Starting next year, the ticket price to Bloggy Boot Camp will be only $99.00. We’re eliminating early, not-so-early, kinda-later ticket pricing. It will just be one flat-rate, keeping Bloggy Boot Camp one of the cheapest, but most valuable, conferences around.

So will we see you in 2012? We sure hope so!

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to attend, here is a quick video that should hopefully help you make your decision.

Join us! Tickets for 2012 will go on sale in the coming weeks.

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