#BloggyBootCamp 2012 Pre-Sale Registration

Tickets to our 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp Blogging and Social Media Conference Stops are now on sale!

Fill out the interest form here to guarantee your spot.

(Updated 9/5/11)

During our birthday bash last month, we announced our Bloggy Boot Camp stops for next year.

Did you happen to see them?

blogging and social media conferences for women in 2012

2012 Tour Stops

That’s right, we’re headed to St. Louis, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas in 2012.

Although we are not ready to release tickets for 2012 yet, we do want to ensure that the tons of you who have been sending us e-mails, tweets and Facebook updates are given priority when registration opens.

How to Guarantee Your Spot in 2012

To ensure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend Bloggy Boot Camp next year, simply click on the below link and fill out the corresponding form. It will take you a total of 3 seconds! More importantly, before we open up the doors to the masses, we’ll send you an e-mail so that you have first priority when it comes to buying your ticket!

Bloggy Boot Camp 2012 Interest Form

Learn More About Bloggy Boot Camp’s Blogging and Social Media Conferences

If you’re looking to learn more about Bloggy Boot Camp and our current (and upcoming) tour, then be sure that you do not miss these links:

Stay Tuned!

We have several very special projects in the works for our 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp tour. For starters, we’ll be expanding our education series to include something brand new and super exciting. We’re also looking forward to revealing a fab new partnership that we are over the moon about.

All this and so much more will be coming your way this fall.

Secure your spot at an upcoming 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp Now!


  1. says

    I just filled out the interest form. I’m so glad I got to go to BBC Boston this year. It was a blast and a half! We’re moving this year, so I’m not sure which one I’ll go to, but you best believe I’ll make it to one of these bad boys! In October 2012, I’ll be celebrating my 30th bday, so I’m thinking Vegas is in order!!!! WOO HOO!!

  2. says

    Looking forward to Chicago this weekend… and *REALLY* hoping that I can make either Philly or Vegas work in my schedule next year! :) Can’t wait!

  3. says

    Is the Philly one in May or September 2012? On this page, below the LOVE picture for Philly it says September 2012 but when you go under the actual Philly event page it says May 2012. Someone please let me know. Thanks!

    • Francesca says

      You should go with the date on the actual event page. Apologies for the confusion! This post was an early one back when we were still negotiating dates with the hotels.

      Hope that helps!

  4. says

    Because of lack of funds, I would love to see a BBC somewhere closer to my ara. While Atlanta is losest,it would still require more money in re acommodations than I can readily afford. Is there a possibility of haolding a BBC in NC – perhaps Asheville, or Winston-Salem? That would make it so much more affordable, particularlym in Ashevilloe because I could commute rather thyan nhave to pay for accommodations – plus it is a beautifu area with a large artists community. Another recommendation would be Lake Junaluska, NC whiuch has a large facility able to accommodate at least 2,000 people.


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