Bloggy Boot Camp 2012: Are YOU Going?

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When Tiffany launched her first Bloggy Boot Camp in the form of SITScation, it was such a gamble. Would people come? Would the day be successful?

Lucky for us, our girl is never without vision and a talent to make things happen.

And here we are, three years and 12 Bloggy Boot Camps later, ready to launch yet another year of our blog and social media conferences for women.

The only question that remains is whether or not you are ready to join us.

Blogging and social media conferences Philadelphia PA, St. Louis MO, Dallas TX, Las Vegas NV

Bloggy Boot Camp 2012 Blogging and Social Media Conferences Schedule

Here is the final schedule for 2012:

St. Louis, Missouri: April 21, 2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: May 19 2012

Dallas, Texas: September 15, 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada: October 13, 2012

Tickets for our 2012 tour are only $99.00. We’re eliminating early, not-so-early, kinda-later ticket pricing. It’s just be one flat-rate, keeping Bloggy Boot Camp one of the most economical, but most valuable, conferences around.

Bloggy Boot Camp Program Overview

For each stop, many of the questions we receive are who the speakers are and what the topics we will be covering. One of the major changes we’ve made for 2012 is to map out exactly what the programming will look like BEFORE the tickets go on sale.

social media conferences for women

Here are the core blogging and social media concepts we’ll be covering in 2012

SEO, Public Relations, and Social Engagement – St. Louis, MO: April 21, 2012

  • Public Relations: How to Pitch PR and Brand Effectively
  • Giveaways: How to Make Them Successful, What You are Required to Disclose, How to Promote Them Effectively
  • Social Media Audience Engagement: What’s In It For Me?  How to Effectively Engage Your Audience and Enhance Your Reader’s Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101: Understanding the Fundamentals of driving free traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Additional breakout topics to be announced soon!

Public Relations and V-logging Superstar – Philadelphia, PA: May 19, 2012

  • Public Relations – How to Build a Media Kit
  • E-book Publishing – eBooks are for Everyone: How to Write and Market an eBook Effectively
  • Video Blogging – How to be a V-logging Superstar
  • Hyper-Local Blogging – Why Connecting with Your Community Works
  • Additional breakout topics to be announced soon!

Entrepreneurial Blogging and Branding Essentials – Dallas, TX: September 15, 2012

  • Business Setup –  Things to Consider Before Turning Pro: Contracts, Business Relationships, How to Protect Yourself & Your Family, and More
  • Entrepreneurs 101 – 10 Ways to Market A Business Online
  • Content Creation – Writer’s Block: How to Find Your Inspiration and Write Memorable Posts
  • Branding – From Blogger to Brand: How to Make the Leap from a Blog to Widely Recognized Brand
  • Additional breakout topics to be announced soon!

social media conferences for women

Blogging, Public Relations, and Time Management – Las Vegas: October 13, 2012

  • Public Relations – How to Keep PR and Brands Contacts Happy & Coming Back for More: Wrap-Up Media Kits, How to Demonstrate ROI, and More
  • Time Management – How to Succeed in the Jam Packed Online World: Effective Time Management Skills
  • Niche Blogging –  Why Niche Blogs Work & Why You Should Consider Becoming One
  • Blogging – Not-So-Famous: How to Use Your Blog as a Platform for Something Bigger
  • Additional breakout topics to be announced soon!

In addition to each of these Core Concepts, we’ll also be adding our traditional afternoon break-out sessions that feature bloggers from the local areas whose skills and knowledge we can all learn from.

BBC Core Concepts Online

Did you just read that list of Core Concept topics and think, “Wow! I wish I could attend more than just one Bloggy Boot Camp. Tiffany and Francesca rock my world.”

{OK. I embellish.}

If you’re interested the education and fantastic take aways from all four Bloggy Boot Camp stops next year, then consider signing up for our online option. For only $25 more over the ticket price, you’ll have access to all of our Core Concept presentations via live webinars.

Online Learning

Each webinar will take place 7 to 10 days after the live event and will be available in real time, and in recorded version. What this means is that you can actively participate in the live webinars, or simply watch the recorded versions at your convenience.

We’ll also be launching a private section of our discussion forum just for these select attendees! {Totally cool, right?}

If you can’t join us for any of the live events, and are only interested in the webinar series, we will be opening up registration for this option soon. Stay tuned to The SITS Girls for more details.

Ready to join us?

Click below and decide where you want to join us in 2012!

social media conferences for women

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