How to Prepare For a Conference: BBC Style

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how to prepare for a conference

Bloggy Boot Camp is getting closer and closer and we want to make sure you are ready! The below post gives you the tips and essential advice you need on how to prepare for a conference.

There are a few essentials that we want to share so you are organized and can truly make your next conference a great experience.

Come prepared to learn about blogging as well as to connect with other bloggers that will help you build your community.

How to Prepare for a Conference: Bloggy Boot Camp Style

The first item you should have at the top of your packing list is business cards! Can’t go to a conference and not have them, right?! Sharing business cards is a great way to get yourself out there to network with other bloggers. Getting these contacts is indispensable.

With that said, check out Brittany’s post on

Business Cards for Bloggers: Everything You Need from A-Z

how to prepare for a conference

This post will help you to get exactly what you need out of your a business cards. Armed with this information, you’ll find that it really does make a difference!

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Blog Conference: 4 Amazing Secrets That Will Change Your Experience

how to prepare for a conference

Knowing how to make the best of a blog conference it critical for your personal success. We have 4 amazing tips to make a blog conference the best it can be, including:

1. Have a few clear goals in mind before you leave
2. Print as many cards as you think you may need, times two
3. Annotate the cards you collect, as soon as you can
4. Sort cards and prioritize follow up as soon as you get home

And lastly, we want you to be come prepared with an open mind and a positive outlook! This is important because you will enjoy the conference so much more when you come prepared with questions and eager to learn.

Bloggy Boot Camp is the perfect opportunity to help you and your blog shine, so remember these tips and you will be set to go!