#BBCATL: A Thank You From Tiffany & Francesca

WOW! What a year. Looking back on 2011, it is hard to believe that we covered 6 stops and met over 700 women.

We hit San Diego, Boston, and Seattle. Then we headed off to Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta.

Tiffany and I are thrilled to have met so many different members from our community and are already looking ahead to next year, when we’ll be back with four stops, one low ticket price, and more education that we ever dreamed possible.

If Atlanta is any indication of what’s to come, then y’all are in for some very big surprises. At our #BBCBestBuy party on Friday night in Atlanta, we gave away a fab new All-In-One Computer to one of the attendees. Those are pretty good odds for simply attending one great cocktail party.

Just check out the photos!

The two of us are continually humbled by the feedback that we receive on Bloggy Boot Camp. We work as hard as we do because we believe in the power of this space and in helping women to realize what it is like to sit a room with other bloggers, share their stories, and get inspired.

We hope to share this same gift with you in 2012.

Tiffany & Fran

If you wrote a post about your experience at Bloggy Boot Camp in Atlanta or are hosting a giveaway for the Tide To Go pens that we included in your swag bags, be sure to link up your post on our 2011 Atlanta page. We’d love to read everything!


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    It was awesome in Atlanta and I’m so glad I went. I’m still getting through all of my notes and trying to figure out how to implement it all.

    Thank you for the wonderful job you did.

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    I am so glad I went to BBC Chi.

    It was only a 2 hr drive, and I spent the night and I learned so much, and felt such camaraderie and Tiffany and Francesca are the perfect complement to each other.

    Tif as the ring leader and Francesca as the one in charge of making sure things are in place.

    It was wonderful to see two women working together so well, in such concentrated harmony, sharing goals.

    I could feel how you both just want us to know more, do more.

    I get weepy eyed at the memory of how you’d look at each other, and know what needed to be said next.
    I loved seeing that the most, and that is the dearest memory I’ll take home from BBC.

    The two of you together making it happen.

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    After attending Boston BBC I was so inspired!! You girls have “IT”. I will forever sing your praises because you really do a fantastic job. Thank YOU for keeping the bar high yet attainable. :)

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    I was at BBCSEA and had a blast. I am so glad I was part of this years attendance! You all work so hard and know that we all appreciate it! :)

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    What an awesome amazing time we had in Atlanta! I have been to a few other conferences that were multi-day, and I was wondering how you guys were going to pack so much into one day, but you did it! Hate that you won’t be back in Atlanta next year, but will definitely see about Dallas or St Louis!

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      We would LOVE to do UK.

      Do you think you could round up enough bloggers in Ireland {I have dreamed of going there since I was little…}?


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    BBCATL was totally amazing! I am so glad I was able to be a part of it! You wonderful ladies made it easy for an introvert like me to feel a part of the group & confident in myself! I wouldn’t trade the memories & the relationships that were built this weekend for anything! Thank you Tiffany & Fran for EVERYTHING!

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    BBCATL was amazing! The speakers were engaging and informative and I gained so much valuable
    Insight & info. Im very excited to put everything I learned to use! So happy to have met so many wonderful people..the organizers, attendees, and sponsors were all terrific ! Thanks so much!

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    I went to BBCDEN and it was fabulous! I learned so much and met wonderful bloggers! I’m looking forward to attending another one next year. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

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    I love BloggyBootCamp. It was wonderful seeing Tiffany again, meeting Francesca, gathering with bloggers (some I had known, some I had not) and finding a tribe of people that like to laugh as much as I do.

    Each Bloggy Boot Camp gets better and better… can.not.wait until next year! :) <3

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    Oh to be part of a Bloggy Boot Camp sounds like great fun and the best way to learn ~ with women who are supportive and filled with life and love. Maybe you’ll think of coming to Northern California ~ it’s very pretty here! Wishing you the very best ~ Patricia

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    I am SO glad I decided to go! I was adamant that I’d already paid for my ticket and I wasn’t going to miss out! This was definitely a necessary expense in my book.

    I learned so much that’s going to allow me to do more with my blog and hopefully reach others so that mami’s out there know that they are not alone in their wild and crazy lives. Thank you for providing an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. It was a thing of beauty and I so appreciated the fact that everyone was there to support one another.


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    I had an amazing time at BBCATL. This was my 1st “Boot Camp”, but far from my last. There was so much to learn.
    Speakers were all magnificent. Each a pro on what the spoke about.
    Sponsors- WOW! I still get giddy looking in my goodie bag.
    But my favorite part is the beginning of friendships. I learned we are not along in the bloggy world.
    Well worth a 16 hour road trip.

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    I loved you guys before BBCATL, but I love you even more! You presented us with such valuable information, and now I am trying to go through it all and get my blog where I need to be. The bigest takeaway for me was “focus” and find out what makes my blog special and run with it. Totally makes sense.

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    I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago, after blogging alone for years and years, not really knowing what to expect. It blew me away. I had a fantastic time! I found a group of fun, smart & like-minded women who are still supporting me today. I plan to attend St. Louis in the spring and cannot wait!

    Thank You Fran & Tif for such an amazing event!

    Until we meet again.