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As Bloggy Boot Camp gets closer and closer, we want to make sure you make the best of your time at BBC with us and really enjoy all we have to offer. We’ve shared what you should expect and what you should wear to Bloggy Boot Camp, but now we want to give you the essentials for your packing list.

These are a few things you should have in mind, pack, and be sure to have on you when traveling to one of our conferences for women!

packing list

Travel Tips and Packing List

Travel tips and a reliable packing list for this type of event are always helpful.

Here are a few:

  • Plan Ahead: Remember you are probably not the only one traveling to a conference, so coordinate with a taxi buddy on Twitter ahead of time to cut the costs.
  • Buddy System: Not only can you ride in a taxi together, but you can also share a hotel room!
  • Book Early: Make sure to book your room in advance because hotels book up quickly. This goes in hand with purchasing your conference ticket early as well. There are discounted prices when you’re the early bird.
  • Travel Light: Conferences are short, so there is no need to bring your whole closet with you.
  • Be Prepared to Purchase Meals: We provide meals at Bloggy Boot Camp, but if you are traveling the day before, then you might want to visit the hotel restaurant or hit the local deli.
  • Limit Your Conference Wear Shopping: Save some money and bring something you already own. We don’t know what’s in your closet, so there is no need to go out and spend.

A conference is a fabulous experience and you should be preparing for it with all the excitement possible. Remember that it is about having fun!

What’s On Your Packing List?

Check out this wonderful post: Blog Conference Prep: 7 Must-Pack Items

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It is a great read and gives you the bare essentials you need when going to a conference such as make-up remover and a water bottle!

Lastly, be sure to take these important items with you!

  • Phone charger
  • Business Cards
  • Pen & Paper

You can’t go wrong if you prepare the right way. Hope to see you all at our next Bloggy Boot Camp!

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