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minneapolis minnesota

Looking for things to do in Minneapolis Minnesota? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our conference for women is headed to Minneapolis Minnesota on October 12 and we’re over the moon excited.

In preparation for our weekend together, we pooled our network of 55,000 bloggers and asked, what are things to do and places to eat in Minneapolis Minnesota? Where do you recommend we go?

We’re excited to reveal what everyone had to say!

minneapolis minnesota

What To Do In Minneapolis Minnesota

We love going to see new places and get our grub on in new cities. We want you to do the same! So we asked our followers that know the area to help us out by giving some suggestions!

Our most popular suggestion was going to visit Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota where you can walk around and see different attractions and visit restaurants.  

There were many other fab recommendations given to us. Take a look at our top suggestions and see what you can stick your fork into!

  • One restaurant suggested in Downtown was Hell’s Kitchen, a delicious place to make a food stop.

minneapolis minnesota

  • Jamie Gall from has a few suggestions to check out Downtown at night! She recommends to take the Bike Trolley with a driver. If you do not want to take the Trolley, then she recommends taking your own personal bike ride downtown. Lastly, she says to visit Lake Calhoun or any of the Isle of Lakes nearby. They are beautiful with great views and walk paths that are a must see!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Jamie Capps-Heil from highly recommends Home of the Original “Jucy Lucy,” Matt’s Bar & Grill.  She says it is a hole in the wall kind of place but has become a landmark in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is a complete must if you are in the area. Here is the info if you decide to go! 3500 Cedar Ave S. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
  • NJ Rongner from highly recommends a special place called Chino Latino. Many people second her suggestion as well.  She mentions that they specialize in food from the “hot zones” of the world and it is a great place to take a group of friends and order a bunch of little plates to try it all! Chino Latino is located at 2916 Hennepin Ave S  Minneapolis, MN 55408.
  • Amanda Oettel Stockham from suggested a bunch of ethnic restaurants to go try. If you like to eat different types of food, then you will want to keep reading! For a great steak or seafood, you will want to look into “Hazellewood Grill and Tap.”  For delicious Mediterranean, then “Sparks” it is! If you are in the mood for Thai, then “On’s Kitchen” is for you. German food might be what you have in mind so Amanda suggests “Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter.” Another suggestion for Eastern/Turkish food is “Black Sea”. Lastly, she says Indian cuisine is one of her favorites and she loves a place named “Chipati.” These are ALL great recommendations and they are definitely worth looking into!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Julie Thornton Tomaska says if you are one for Italian food then you must go to La Grolla in St. Paul because the desserts are out of this world!

minneapolis minnesota

  • Last but certainly not the least, Terry Cairnes Williams says that the Sculpture Gardens are beautiful. (Many also agree.) You should definitely make time to go see them. Also, she says the Mall of America is so much fun because there is a Roller Coaster and Aquarium. WOW!

We hope that you take the opportunity to go explore and eat at some of these great recommended restaurants.

See you at BBC Minneapolis!

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