Conference for Women: What’s Next

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conference for women

It’s blog conference time! With Bloggy Boot Camp coming up in Dallas and Minneapolis, we want to let you know what you can expect to gain from our conference for women.

Bloggy Boot Camp is a commonly mistaken for a new blogger type of conference for women. However, BBC is much more than that! All types of bloggers are strongly encouraged to attend this wonderful conference for women. Not only will blogging basics be discussed, but new and innovative techniques and technologies will be shared so everyone can advance to the next level of blogging and social media.

conference for women

What You’ll Learn At Our Conference for Women

At Bloggy Boot Camp, you can expect to learn, laugh and meet some of the greatest people. But it doesn’t stop there!

Here are 15 specific things that you can expect from our conference for women guaranteed!

  • Expect to meet great people and make new friendships
  • Expect to learn and take a lot of notes
  • Expect to feel empowered, inspired and motivated
  • Expect to have a one of a kind experience
  • Expect to gain information to implement into your blog
  • Expect to gain healthy work and lifestyle tips
  • Expect to hear from professional bloggers
  • Expect to learn the newest in blogging
  • Expect to learn the ins and outs about social media
  • Expect to hear from brands and what they like to see from a blogger
  • Expect to learn how to be a brand ambassador
  • Expect to learn the business of blogging & about paid campaigns
  • Expect to become more effective with your blogging
  • Expect to enhance your writing techniques
  • Expect to be in an intimate setting perfect for networking

We want you to join us at Bloggy Boot Camp and see what else we have in store for you because the list is endless!

We hope that you all take as much as you can from these seminars and implement it into your life and blog so you can see what a difference it can make by attending.

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We hope to see you soon at BBC! We’d love to connect prior to the conference and get to know one another in the comments below or on our Facebook fan page.

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