Bloggy Boot Camp Speaker Contest Winner 2011!

When we opened up the poll so that our community could choose a Bloggy Boot Camp 2011 speaker, we had no idea how many people would vote. Thousands of opinions poured. People passionately supported our five finalists, and although the results were very close, we were all set to announce the winner last week.

However, even the best laid plans sometimes get off track.

Especially when you head off to BlogHer for five days. And your server unexpectedly gets upgraded. And you can’t access your website. At all.

All is right with the world again. We are home, the site is online, and the wait is over!

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our Bloggy Boot Camp Speaker Contest is none other than Stacey Nerdin from Tree, Root, and Twig!

2011 bloggy boot camp speaker contest winner Stacey Nerdin from Tree, Root, and Twig!

Congratulations to Stacey! She’ll be joining us in Atlanta on October 22 for her talk on How to Avoid Bloggy Burnout.

But Wait!

There’s more.

Like we said, the voting was incredibly close. In fact, it was so close, and our finalists were so good, that we’ve decided to include Robin, Sharon, Kimberley, AND Annie in our speaker line-up for 2012.

So get ready, ladies! Like we said in our 2012 conference tour announcement, you will have your choice of St. Louis, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas.

Where will you go?

Thank you again to everyone who voted and participated in our contest. It’s just one of the many reasons why the education at Bloggy Boot Camp remains top-notch!


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    Congratulations to Stacey! And I am so thrilled that you would like Robin, Kimberly, Annie, and I to be speakers in 2012! Thank you! And thanks to everyone who voted!

    I am already planning on attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly. But I sure wouldn’t mind speaking in Vegas! (Or any of the cities for that matter!)

    Thanks again!

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    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!!!! And what an awesome opportunity for ALL the ladies during the 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp Season! That sounds like a wonderful plan, and so deserved.

    On a funny side note – I love that you grabbed this picture from the internet. It’s from an interview I did with the Houston Chronicle and it couldn’t be more fitting that I’m with my family – their love and support are the ONLY reasons I am able to do the work I do online.

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    YAY Stacey!! I am sooo glad she won!! I might have voted for her LOL :)

    I can’t wait to speak at St. Louis in 2012! I live in KS so it is driving distance, that is perfection!

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    Heartfelt congratulations, Stacey and all of the 2012 speakers. Well done. Disappointed not to see Annie in Denver but hopeful we can hear all either online or via transcript because all the subjects are enlightening.

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    Congratulations on the winners! So sad, none of the bloggy camps are close enough for me to attend…maybe one day :(

  6. says

    Congrats to Stacey!! I cant wait to hear her speak in Atlanta!!

    And also congratulations to all the other ladies as well. What an incredible opportunity! xoxo

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    Congrats to the winners…all of them. No conferences near me next year so I’m thrilled I’m going next weekend!! I say come to Minneapolis & use the convention center and then all the ladies can visit the Mall of America, take a boat ride on the Mississippi, so much more! =)

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    Congratulations to all the ladies! They have done a good job. I only hear good things about BBC so I am thrilled for all their speaking gigs. Hope to hear all about it!

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    Fine choices for speakers! I love these ladies and am thrilled to see them get the opportunity to share their wisdom and gifts with the attendees of BBC!