Ever wonder what past attendees have to say about their experience at Bloggy Boot Camp? Below are just a few of the posts that have been written about what we do. To read the testimonials in their entirety, simply click on the links provided.

SITS Bloggy Boot Camp Testimonials and photos

Nine Emotions of Bloggy Boot Camp

Elation: The feeling one has as they walk into Bloggy Boot Camp…The moment you realize that there are no egos here. Everyone is warm, approachable (even the “big” bloggers), and you realize that you are not in a room with strangers, but with 125 best girl friends. Read more…
—Julie, A Little Bite of Life

What I Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp

The SITS Girls — Tiffany, Francesca, and Mama Kat — are beautiful, funny, smart, and social media geniuses. I think I might be a better blogger from just spending one day amongst them. That’s how powerful their community is. Read more…
—Lucy, Lucille in the Sky

This One Time at Bloggy Boot Camp

In short, the weekend was all about positive energy, collaboration and community. All things you won’t necessarily find at a bigger conference. I urge you to check out the other Bloggy Boot Camp stops and seriously consider attending. I promise you won’t be sorry! Read more…
—Sara, In the Trenches of Mommyhood

What I Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago

Every Bloggy Boot Camp I’ve gone to is different from the next. I think that’s why I love this conference so much… Read more…
—Julie, Dutch Being Me

Speaking, Meeting, and Learning at Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston

Another new thing? I actually learned. Learned enough to make me surprised considering I have been to bigger conferences and had become tired of listening to the “same old” by the “same old.” I loved that it opened with a talk on branding since I am a huge advocate of creating and protecting your own brand. It was nice to be reminded that promoting your brand is not only not something to be embarrassed about, but an important element to creating your (successful) business. Read more…
—Mommy Niri, Mommyniri.com

Bloggy Boot Camp Experience

At the conference, I learned new blogging concepts and lessons that I hope to put into action on my personal blog and here on the Ruckus blog. There were sessions about branding, content, pitches, legalities, photos, monetization and social good. It was an inspiring, awesome day, and the ladies behind SITS, Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci, were wonderful hosts. They are both really, really knowledgeable about SEO, and every chance they got between speakers, they gave us insight and action items. They wanted to make sure that we all left the conference with not only big ideas, but also strategies. Read more…
—Holly, Culture Mom

I Survived Bloggy Boot Camp

What I loved most of all at Bloggy Boot Camp was the intimacy and the size of the group. It was perfect. I felt like I was able to speak to a lot of the bloggers and all of the women were just as excited to talk with you and share ideas. Read more…
Tina, Life Without Pink

Bloggy Boot Camp San Francisco

One of the things that I absolutely loved at this conference was the assigned seating and changing tables for each presentation. It forced us to sit with different people and network. It would have been all to easy for people to cling to their friends, whether they traveled together or just met on the elevator. I even got to sit next to Sugar Jones, she was rocking some gorgeous shoes and a beautiful dress. She hooked me up with some info about a Twitter chat for Latinas in Social Media within two minutes of meeting her. This was the type of environment that was created, we were all there together, to learn, to share, to support, to laugh, and we sure did laugh a lot. Read more…
Gabriela, Living La Vida Normal