Recognizing the need for a 1 day conference for novice to intermediate bloggers, Bloggy Boot Camp was created in 2009. Since then, the sold out conference has visited more than 20 cities nationwide and garnered attention from the New York Times, CBS, Huffington Post and thousands of bloggers. Known for its intimate atmosphere with assigned seating and brand inclusion, BBC offers a dynamic day of education and networking.

With the success of Bloggy Boot Camp came a 2-day, more intensive conference: Women Get Social. This event offers the same intimate atmosphere, but allows more advanced bloggers to take their influence, audience and opportunities to the next level.

Wondering Whether Our Events Are Right For You?

Check out the below list and learn why our attendees give us such rave reviews.

1. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience!  There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room with women bloggers who love blogging as much as you do.

2. Our events are one of the most inexpensive blog conference events around, offering a ton of bang for your buck!  

3. We strongly believe in tangible take-homes.  At each conference, we provide all attendees with ideas that you can take home and implement on your blog immediately.

4. Our testimonials speak for themselves – read them here.

5. The sponsors who are invited to our event are on-site looking to form lasting partnerships with bloggers, rather than simply trying to stuff swag into a bag.

6. During the day we assign seating, which means that no one feels left-out or like they didn’t get a chance to meet anyone.

7. We offer various education tracks for attendees to choose from in the afternoon, including a focus on business and another on writing.  This means that we have something for everyone, no matter what type of blog you have.

8. There is a reason that some of our attendees have been to our events four, five, or even six times.  It really is an intimate and inclusive event that you just can’t miss.

See For Yourself

Seeing is really believing. This video from Bloggy Boot Camp San Diego 2011 will help you understand what our events are all about…